Our New House

It was brought to my attention that we haven’t updated our Blog since 2013. Since we have become stagnant and haven’t really traveled for a while I didn’t have much of interest to post. Not that our life isn’t interesting, there just isn’t much RV Travel going on.

Well recently we have turned another page in our lives. We decided since we like our lifestyle so much that buying a house wasn’t in our plans. However we have pretty much outgrown the RV so…

We bought a Park Model home in the same resort where we have lived for the last 11 years in the motor home. If you are not familiar with a Park Model, it is a small 400 square foot manufactured home. Ours however is a bit more than a simple park model. First off ours is set in the ground so it is ground level, then a 200 square foot addition was added making it 600 square foot overall and the whole thing is stuccoed and the roof is tiled. There is also a 117 square foot building on the property, which serves as a laundry room and a shop. This building is attached to the house by a covered patio with outdoor kitchen. Along with the real residential appliances they topped it off with an air conditioner that can turn the house into a meat locker in the 120-degree Arizona summers. You can see more photos by clicking on the link in the left column.

I have added a link to the photos of our house HERE.

So, although we are keeping the motor home, it looks like we are not Fulltimers anymore.

Best wishes to all our readers and I hope your travels are as enjoyable as ours.

I will leave the Blog up because I know others enjoy reading about our travels.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Boats boats and Bigger boats

This weekend is the Desert Storm Poker Run and Shootout on the lake. All the BIG boats are in town from all around the country. Today was the Desert Storm Street Party. This is where a lot of the boats are lined up along Main Street for viewing. There is some amazing engineering and artistry involved in these boats. Tomorrow we will go down to watch the boat parade through the channel before they head out on a poker run.Here are a few photos I snapped today at the Street Party.

Big trucks for Big boats.

These things are so big they have to be trailered on their side to fit the road.

Some crazy graphics

Big motors for big boats.

Seating for 5, how about a ride?

This is all you get when you spend too much on your truck.

Honest, I was taking a picture of the big screen TV mounted on the side of this truck.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cool job

Where can you find a job where you go to work in the morning, knock off for lunch at noon, jump in the company pool for a couple of hours then go back to work. That is exactly what I did today. The temperature was just under 100 today but after trimming about 100 palm trees I was ready for a dip in the pool.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Big Boats and fast skis

This weekend was the boat/car show and high speed water ski racing.  There were lots of fancy pontoon party boats and some really big and really fast boats at the show.

Also there was a water ski race where these guys and gals were skiing at close to 100 mph on the lake.

This was our first 100+ degree weather this year and no wind so the conditions on the lake were perfect for the ski competition.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

NASCAR? In Havasu?

Yep, NASCAR came to Havasu this Saturday night. Actually it was the NASCAR K&N West Series but it is an official NASCAR race. They brought out their own pace car, crash truck, flagman, and officials.

They raced on our 1/4 mile track that was freshly paved for the event. They said if all goes well they would make us one of their regular stops. All went real well. The crowds had a great time, the race went off without a hitch and we really let them know they were welcome.

It looked a bit sketchy for a while there because a big cold front came through Friday night and didn’t leave until Saturday noon. There was even a light dusting of snow on the hills behind us.

As you can see the snow is gone and the hills are clear again. We went from 80 degree sunny skies to the low 50s with 30 MPH winds and rain. Fortunately it blew out Saturday noon and all was well. Today it was back in the high 70s, sunny, and a light breeze. We are looking at high 90s by next weekend. This time of year the weather can go from one extreme to the other in a mater of hours.

As you can see today was a beautiful day.

Friday, April 13, 2012

New Link

I just added a new link to MY RV LINKS in the right hand column. It’s titled Lake Havasu City. Click on it any you will see why we decided to make this our home base and why we spend so much time here.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

No boat race

Yes there was a boat race this weekend, but I didn’t see it. As I said earlier, the trials Friday didn’t happen due to wind. Saturday’s race went off OK except I was working. Since the Work Campers here at the resort have gone home I have taken on extra days to help cover the gap. Today I talked to a few people that went down Saturday to see the race and they said it wasn’t worth fighting the crowds for. So I decided to just stay home and do a few things that needed to be done on the motorhome.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Grand Prix Racing

Today was supposed to be practice and testing day for the Grand Prix Racing East vs West GP Challenge Hydroplane boat race. But the 20 MPH winds didn’t cooperate. These boats travel about 140 MPH on the water and that can mean trouble. We headed on down to the lake in hopes to see some boats running but

they didn’t even get them in the water before it was all called off. This is the first time these boats will be running here on Lake Havasu. They usually run in the Northwest and Canada. Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day with winds around 5 MPH so the race should run. We will be heading back down to catch some racing.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Hey, I see that my list of followers has finally shown up, see right column. For quite a while the title Followers has been the only thing that was showing. Now there are actually photos with names. Welcome back y’all!

The wind was short lived. It only lasted a day and now it is beautiful here again. Too bad it’s time for many to head back up north. Won’t be long before it’s only Susan and I again. We are NOT going to spend the summer here again…well the whole summer. We will be heading to California the first of June to pick up our Grandson again this summer and will travel with him for a few weeks. After we drop him off back home for school we will probably come on back here. This will be in August so yeah it will still be HOT.

Monday, April 2, 2012


Man was it windy today. It got up to over 30 MPH and everyone was securing their belongings. I took a cruise around the park and secured a few items for people that have already left for the summer. Tomorrow is supposed to be a better day.

We use Verizon for our cell service including our wireless Internet. Here in Havasu Verizon does not exist. We are on Extended Network on our phone and I am able to pick up 1 bar of signal for my Aircard from the Verizon tower 6 miles away across the lake. This all sounds good but a lot of the time it doesn’t work well. Just about every call gets dropped at least once. My Aircard works most of the time, although slow, but there are times it can’t find the Internet. I called Verizon yesterday to see if there was anything that can be done. The service tech told me he could put in a service ticket but it would get rejected because I haven’t updated my roaming since December. I explained to him that I couldn’t update my roaming because I am on Extended Network and can only do that while on a Verizon Network. He offered no help there. Huh…Great customer service! Today I traveled to the end of the island here in Havasu to see if I could pickup a Verizon signal on our phone to update it. I was successful in doing this to activate my Aircard but this time I could not find a Verizon signal. Either their tower is out of whack or their signal strength is weaker than it used to be. But they won’t look into it until I update my roaming!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


As you all might know, Susan is a big Jimmie Johnson fan. So she if she can’t watch NASCAR she is not a Happy Camper. Today about a half hour before the race, she tuned the TV into the FOX network to watch the race and this is what she found.

Seems DirecTV is at it again, battling with the networks and apparently lost this one, and on NASCAR day no less. I told her not to fret, we will just head up to the Club House and watch. After confirming it was on in the Club House I got a brain storm. My next door neighbors are hooked up to cable and since their utility pedestal is only about 10 feet from my patio TV…

A cable splitter and a few feet of cable solved that problem. In a short period of time we were watching NASCAR on our patio TV.

Unfortunately there wasn’t much I could do about Clint Boyer crashing Jimmie out of the lead close to the last lap.