Our New House

It was brought to my attention that we haven’t updated our Blog since 2013. Since we have become stagnant and haven’t really traveled for a while I didn’t have much of interest to post. Not that our life isn’t interesting, there just isn’t much RV Travel going on.

Well recently we have turned another page in our lives. We decided since we like our lifestyle so much that buying a house wasn’t in our plans. However we have pretty much outgrown the RV so…

We bought a Park Model home in the same resort where we have lived for the last 11 years in the motor home. If you are not familiar with a Park Model, it is a small 400 square foot manufactured home. Ours however is a bit more than a simple park model. First off ours is set in the ground so it is ground level, then a 200 square foot addition was added making it 600 square foot overall and the whole thing is stuccoed and the roof is tiled. There is also a 117 square foot building on the property, which serves as a laundry room and a shop. This building is attached to the house by a covered patio with outdoor kitchen. Along with the real residential appliances they topped it off with an air conditioner that can turn the house into a meat locker in the 120-degree Arizona summers. You can see more photos by clicking on the link in the left column.

I have added a link to the photos of our house HERE.

So, although we are keeping the motor home, it looks like we are not Fulltimers anymore.

Best wishes to all our readers and I hope your travels are as enjoyable as ours.

I will leave the Blog up because I know others enjoy reading about our travels.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

RV problems

I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why RVs are built so poorly and their quality control is little to none. I read and have talked to plenty of people that have bought new RVs only to have to return them to the dealer or manufacturer for repairs. In most cases, not just minor repairs but major things that should have not happened in the first place and at the least should have been caught by the manufacturers quality control. Also many RVs are sold by dealers with known defects or broken items that the dealer won’t fix until the unit is sold and the customer returns it for repair. Now an RV is simply a house married to a vehicle. I have not heard of as many problems with a new house or new vehicle so why an RV? It doesn’t seem to be isolated to the lower end RVs either. I know of many high end RVs that have as many problems as entry level units. What’s even worse is many of the problems are not rectified on the first visit or second or third.


  1. Rollin' Thunder7:52 AM

    It's partly because the RV moves down the road. If it sat still, like a new house, you would have far fewer issues.

  2. Tell me about it!!! We have just spent a year, camping...going to the dealer.......camping......going to the dealer....... I think things are finally coming together. I don't think they check anything before it leaves the factory. I did find it interesting that everytime I took it in, the next time I used it there was something else wrong with it....hmmm....

  3. Yeah, I was just talking to a guy the other day that said he has a Time Share motorhome. He has it 3 months out of the year and the shop has it the other 9.

  4. Well, Rollin’ Thunder, I am just talking about the defects that come right from the factory. Seems there is just no Quality Control on these things. I was very fortunate with mine, all the defects were taken care of in just 2 visits to the factory.

  5. It is not only MH's.... Had a Brand New 5th wheel that was junk form day one until I traded it 5 months later. For a higher quality 5th Wheel and still had (some) problems. That should have never got out of the factory IMHO